Christopher Wells

Owner and Founder at Kaleidoscope Pictures
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New York film director and producer that started his own production company from the ground up, Kaleidoscope Pictures. He’s know for his award-winning short films in the horror and suspense drama. Currently, he’s been making topical short films during quarantine to bring humor and entertainment to the daunting situation we all face at home.

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  • He says, “A good story can be told no matter the budget.”

    Christopher prefers using elements such as foreshadowing, witty dialogue and hidden messages in his movies as opposed to jump-scares and gore. In addition, he set out to have a strong cinematic element. Every scene has a deeper meaning, even if it’s subtle. “The cast and crew of the Luring had an energy that was contagious. We were all set to be part of something original and not follow the trends,” he says. He hopes people will re-watch the movie again and again and see something different every time.

    - On Horror News Net

    10 September 2020