Claudia Fine, LCSW, MPH

Chief Professional Officer at eFamilyCare
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Claudia is an experienced Health Care Professional with a demonstrated history of leadership in the healthcare and insurance Industry. She is skilled in consumer engagement, physician relations, team building, marketing and communications. Claudia has strong clinical and management skills with a master of social work, a masters in public health and certifications in Case Management (CMC) and Care Management (CCM.)

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  • I disagree that there’s limited research. More recently in the past decade, providers have become very sensitive to substance control issues and the prevalence of mental illness in aging, seriously ill and dying populations is complicated and considerable. It’s so critical and important to integrate the mental and physical health as two parts of the same person needing care. Everything is all integrated. Hospice providers really need to be sensitive to the history that their patients bring to the table and be challenged to look at these patients holistically, look at their family members who are not only dealing with loss of their family member, but also perhaps lifelong anger, confusion and stress of dealing with someone who has severe mental illness or substance abuse problems.

    26 May 2021
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