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There is a technological solution for every business problem.

Claudia Heim founded DigiWhat - a B2B Case Study creator - with a principal vision to simplify the matchmaking between solution seekers and solution providers.

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  • “DigiWhat guarantees consistent quality. We are the solution for all those who have a great need for many Case Studies,” says Heim. Hubs, accelerators, digital ecosystems and B2B events were the first to use DigiWhat for their associated tech ventures. Since the Case Studies are standardized, they can be easily filtered for suitable solutions for business challenges. “DigiWhat turns listings and logos of tech companies on websites into relevant content,“ says Heim. The Plug&Play solution delivers embed code and a custom made filter. “We built a solid, simple and highly efficient business model. DigiWhat delivers something absolutely necessary, with a massive outcome. We are happy that the decision for our solution is seen as a logical consequence for matching tech solutions in Germany,“ says Heim. DigiWhat now launches internationally, with the focus markets U.S., UK, and the Netherlands.

    9 November 2020
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