Coco Brown

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Athena Alliance
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Coco guides leadership teams through periods of great change, accelerating growth and expansion within the constraints of broader economic and environmental conditions. With rich experience across F1000 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits in the roles of CEO, COO, advisor, and Board member, she possesses a unique understanding of the breadth of challenges and opportunities of leadership. Coco empowers leaders to execute successfully, working with them to develop the relationship between a company’s strategy and its organizational design and environment. Her expertise in developing and strengthening these important linkages makes me a powerful CEO, C-level advisor and Board member.

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  • A big part of the challenge is companies having the disposition collectively to see the board as a competitive advantage for the business, as a very necessary and productive piece of the business. When they see that, they take more proactive measures to make sure they have an evolving and strong board.

    10 May 2021
  • The survey results and Third Act podcast stories illustrate what we see every day at Athena, that women who have achieved so much truly want to send the elevator back down to others. This is a value deeply integrated within the Athena community. I love seeing women extending their power and influence in so many impactful ways.

    10 May 2021
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