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I'm Coco from Ocoopa, a professional brand of rechargeable hand warmers. Now we have 34 versions of rechargeable hand warmers, most of which are popular on Amazon. Some of them have 10000mAh large capacity, which will provide you a long-lasting usage. Some of them only have a 5200mAh battery capacity but are more portable. And some of them are equipped with fast charging for both input and output, which can be fully recharged in a quick time and used as a power bank when needed. What's more, recently, we have released the world's first tri-proof hand warmers recently, which are IP45 water-resistant, dust-resistant, and crack-resistant. They would be perfect companions to keep you toasty all day long when you are out there in cold weather. What's more, there is no need to doubt if Ocoopa hand warmers' quality is reliable. The large sales volume is a strong proof of our high quality.
Our hand warmers were also recommended by many famous websites, such as cnn, Forbes, Buzzfeed, goodhousekeeping, verywellhealth, imore, usatoday, vogue and more.
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    Marketing Specialist from Ocoopa