Col. Michael Hudson

Vice President at ClearForce
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Michael served this Nation for 30 years as a Marine Corps leader. He commanded a helicopter squadron and a Marine Expeditionary Unit to include combat deployments. Beyond his command tours, Michael has served on 4-star Combatant Commander and senior service staffs. He has an extensive background in Operational, Intelligence efforts and sexual assault and suicide prevention. Industry background integrating individual behaviors into larger insider threat, continuous evaluation efforts around security, work force assurance and wellness.

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  • I think veterans suicide is the quiet pandemic that has been going on for three decades in this nation. We've got to continue to engage. So there is a significant amount of evidence and research out there that points to known triggers or drivers of suicide.

    22 March 2021
  • I’m one voice of many that are out there that are trying to shine a light on what’s something that I’ve heard referred to, and I’m kind of parroting, as ‘the quiet pandemic.’ If you look at three decades worth of VA data and all of the resources this nation has put against it, we haven’t changed it.

    22 March 2021
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