Colin Constable

CTO and Co-founder at The atsign Company
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A strategic thinker and doer, Colin Constable is the CTO and Co-founder of The atSign Company. From British Telecom in London to Credit Swiss in New York to Silicon Valley, Colin’s experience has always been in the technology and data security sphere. He’s a self-professed “data privacy warrior”, who would love to see users getting control of their data online.

As a 16-year-old dropout, Colin got a technical apprenticeship with the British Telecom (BT), spending 8 years with the company. But an opportunity to move to New York City before the internet was a “thing,” he went on to help Credit Swiss adapt its operations to online base. It wasn’t until 12 years later that he decided to move to Silicon Valley. Colin reconnected with his friend and The atSign Company co-founder Kevin Nickels, who he met at BT, and together they went on to work in several jobs in the Valley.

In 2016 the idea of The atSign Company came around, but the technology was not advanced enough to sustain what they had in mind, and the idea was put to bed. Three years later, as cellphones became more powerful and tech became more advanced, so they could scale databases, they came back to the idea of The atSign Company and this time around, things were where they needed to be.

Colin is widely respected within the industry and seen as a leader who can bring “a team of individuals together.” He is also CTO and a board member at Mariposa Community Radio, where he resides.

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