Craig Skilling

ESports Coordinator at American Public University System
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Craig “Pro Skills” Skilling is an award winning college educator, event producer, consultant and keynote speaker on all things tech, innovation, sports, entertainment, Esports, Web 3 and entrepreneurship. He is the founder of the Influencer Brand , LLC an entertainment & event consulting company who launched the Esports Pro Skills Academy as a means to more minority representation in the gaming industry. Skilling is the co-founder of BITE-CON (The Black Innovation, Technology & Entertainment) Conference which has highlighted minorities impacting the Fintech, Web 3 and digital societal shift. As an education and entertainment industry influencer Craig continues to consult on projects alongside institutions, governments, tourism boards and businesses who are ready to implement innovative programming while embracing industry best practice.

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  • And the reason why they have to put in so much time, is that their season only spans about three months… If we talk about the various tiers of esports games and titles, you know, tier one versus tier two versus tier three, the level that is going in there as a team, they have an actual coaching staff that goes down the line to the form of player development and nutrition. You'd be amazed.