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Founder and CEO at WorldClinic
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Daniel Carlin, MD, pioneered WorldClinic’s innovative concierge telemedicine model after a decade of experience in demanding health care environments. Dr. Carlin is national leader in the field of telemedicine and a recognized pioneer in the delivery of medical care to distant populations. He is a board-certified emergency physician and a former US Navy medical officer.

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  • As what we call ‘Act 2’ of living-with-Covid gets underway – and particularly as the season brings warmer weather into play – the most important factor we now know about that wasn’t clear when the CDC was giving guidance a year ago is that Covid is an atmospheric virus.

    6 October 2021
  • Our company is built by physicians who can work under pressure – and I can think of no better trial by fire than being on the White House medical staff and working for the Pentagon. As we continue to create a next-generation model for healthcare, we want to work with well respected, seasoned medical professionals who believe in our on-demand, patient-centric model of care that combines mobile technology with ‘hands on’ medicine.

    12 December 2020
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