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Water Industry Engineer and/or Water Co CEO at OriginClear
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Riggs Eckelberry is the founding CEO of the innovative water technology company, OriginClear. Riggs is the visionary designer of a three-part model for water industry disruption, which starts with innovative technology and engineering, expanding out to total outsourcing for business clients, and now creating ClearAqua™, the Water Coin For The World™, a crypto network that can empower people everywhere to help with water problems.

Dan leads OriginClear's engineering activities through the design and development of the Modular Water™ (MWS) product line of prefabricated and prepackaged water treatment and conveyance systems utilizing Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastics (SRTP) materials. SRTP manufacturing permits the ability to fabricate advanced heavy plastic infrastructure products in a factory setting where this unique approach overcomes inherent and significant limitations that have stymied the evolution and advancement of mission critical civil infrastructure technologies for decades.

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  • The BroncBoost is an extremely versatile piece of equipment and a vital component for systems like a Dewatering Solution where water consistent and reliable flow and pressure delivery criteria are absolutely crucial for success. Systems like this are used for scenarios like or could even be a part of what is needed to help clean and process the water near Tampa at Piney Point.

    Cryptocurrency has no boundaries. A grandmother in Korea can contribute to cleaning up a mobile home park’s sewage problem in Alabama. It allows for anyone around the world to get involved and spreads the burden of changing the trillion-dollar water industry in a meaningful and impactful way. By aggregating resources, knowledge, and investment dollars, we believe we will be able to help dramatically improve the state of water by helping businesses cut the cord and take control over their own water treatment.

    27 October 2021
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    Water Industry Engineer and/or Water Co CEO