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Dan is the Chief Operations Officer at FLASH. At FLASH, they’re changing the way people interface with their cities. He previously held the position of Chief Operations Officer at Arrive, which merged with FLASH in early 2021. Dan has spent most of his career building two-sided marketplaces, focused on creating technology-led customer experiences that also give sellers new, more efficient channels to grow their businesses. He has built platforms that have sold tens of billions of dollars to tens of millions of people online and on mobile phones. Most recently he ran the Restaurants vertical at Groupon, bringing millions of customers into restaurants from McDonald’s to Le Cirque. Prior to Groupon, Dan was Chief Marketing Officer of Vast, a B2B2C platform for used cars, travel and real estate, and Global Vice President of Alliance Marketing at Orbitz, building a new ad-based business model on top of Orbitz’s massive transactional model.

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  • Anytime something takes off in the payment space, there’s always fraudsters who try to manipulate it. The benefits far outweigh the risks, and any merchant in any business that is accepting payments always has to be on the lookout for fraud. This is just one more iteration of payments, and one more iteration of things that you have to pay attention to. We put all our resources to work to make sure that operators understand the benefits and the potential risks of moving towards this digital platform, and then how to operate on that behalf. When you’re going through that process, usually, as a consumer, if it looks weird, it probably is weird. As we’ve deployed more and more of these locations around the country, we felt it was time to take more control of this and make sure that consumers, parking operators, our partners and our own employees were very aware of this so that we make sure that it takes hold. The convenience is so great, you don’t want it to be ruined by a few bad actors.

    7 August 2022
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    7 August 2022
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