Dana Paul DiPaolo

Co-Founder/CEO at eSports Ventures
On the record

With over two decades of experience, I am a digital strategist, branding guru, entrepreneur and creative thinker.

My strength lies in identifying niche market needs, generating unique ideas and successfully growing those ideas from concept to shelf with measurable results and industry impact. With an entrepreneurial background that spans over two decades, I have expertise in consumer products, retail and e-commerce, sports and entertainment, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

My current role as the Co-Founder and CEO of eSports Ventures Inc./Ritual Motion came out of watching my kids play video games and realizing the need for better, healthier gear alternatives for competitive video gamers and streamers in the eSports world to prevent fatigue and injury. But in addition to creating better gaming gear, Ritual Motion is an innovative promotion hub for the gaming industry, with wellness-forward content as well as a brand-building community for passionate gamers to turn their primary pastime into their main moneymaker. We take our years of experience to aggregate, organize and connect eSports resources to deliver incremental value for our network of partners, brands and sponsors.

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  • Our goal, knowing creators … is to give them a tool that they can get discovered and have that hyperconnection with their community where they can create, collaborate and share.

    7 July 2022