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Experienced clean energy and energy efficiency policy leader, strategist, and implementor. Develops and executes strategy to advance, provides analysis of, and advocates for federal policies to achieve climate and clean energy goals for a more sustainable future. Federal and state policy experience and specific expertise in advocating for and designing programs that help overcome financial and non-financial barriers to investment.

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  • Buildings aren’t just the gas stations of the future. We’re increasingly going to be generating electricity on our roofs or taking advantage of geothermal resources. We’ll be using our buildings differently 10 years from now.

    17 January 2022
  • We have to reduce emissions, but we also have to stop doing things that increase emissions; these things go hand in hand. This report helps demonstrate how what we’re doing now is exacerbating the [high-emissions] situation that we’re in right now.

    17 January 2022
  • What we’re trying to avoid is this idea of petrification, where it seems too bad and impossible to overcome. There’s a lot we have the ability to do. It’s a matter of focusing on the sort of things that we can do to make things better, and avoiding doing things that can make it worse.

    17 January 2022