Daniel Kamen

Founder/Managing Director at Serial Scaling
On the record

Daniel Kamen has lived & breathed SEO over the last 14 years both on the agency and client side. He is currently the Founder/Managing Director of Serial Scaling, the go-to agency for publishers and brands that are serious about scaling their organic traffic through enterprise SEO and content marketing strategies. He has led a wide variety of SEO/Content Marketing campaigns from startups including 1 now turned into a household name ranked for generic terms like 'make up' to Fortune 500 brands including an insurance brand with a 5X increase in visibility both during his tenure. Prior to Serial Scaling, he was CMO of a Small Business Content Publication which scaled to 4 million organic monthly page views. He is passionate about supporting his clients with a hands-on approach using data driven and scalable solutions to hit their demanding goals with formulas, tools, tables and results to prove it.

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