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Owner at Fire and Saw
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I'm Dan and I run fireandsaw.com - a site that focuses on news, information, and guides about chainsaws, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, fire, pits, and outdoor cooking.

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  • Gravel or crushed stone is one of the easiest and most affordable patio flooring ideas for a backyard fire pit design. 'Stone is an excellent choice around fire pits,' says Dan Morris of Fire and Saw. 'It's heat-resistant, durable, and provides a natural look that complements outdoor environments. It won't be spoiled by sparks either.'


  • All you need are rocks, paintbrushes and washable, water-based paints for this easy kid-friendly project. “Some of the stones we end up bringing home, but most of the time we leave them alongside the lake for others to enjoy later,” says Dan Morris, a chainsaw enthusiast who camps in New Zealand. His family does their rock painting by their favorite lake for swimming as it’s an easy way to clean up any mess.


  • It was our dream to start a business together. I do a few things but the main thing is that I’m a blogger about chainsaws and wood fire stoves on my site fireandsaw.com. We live on a big property with lots of great chances to get outdoors. And I really do love chainsaws.