Dara Firoozi

Studio Assistant / Production Assistant (Metalsmith) at Kristine Bolhuis and 2 other companies
On the record

Dara is a discursive designer creating sensory experiences through functional wearable forms and immersive interactive installation design. She is a University of Michigan (BFA) alumni with a focus on product design, metal-smithing, and digital fabrications. Dara is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese, confident in 3D rendering and handmade production skills, passionate about discursive design, and interaction design and problem solving. She is a Persian-American interdisciplinary artist that works thematically researching mental health and investigating the relationship between the body and anxiety, and responding by developing therapeutic wearables in the form of functional jewelry.

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  • We aim to provoke positive conversations around mental health, de-stigmatize the taboo, and empower people on their mental health journey.

    21 March 2021
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