Dara Lamb

Founder, CEO at DARA LAMB, Custom Clothing
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Recognized expert in Image Making and Executive Branding, Dara Lamb is the country's leading Bespoke Clothier for Women.

Dara founded her business over 30 years ago when wearing the right outfit changed her life. Her mission has remained constant: help women create the influence they need to succeed and lead, get their seats at the table and BEHEARD once there.

Incorporating specialized coaching and branding expertise, she creates strategic, custom wardrobes that are at once authentic, appropriate, yet sophisticated and individually attuned to each client’s unique leadership style and goals.

Her clients include some of the most powerful female leaders across industries, as well as those aspiring to senior management and the c-suite. Her special occasion collections serve some of the most discriminating philanthropists.

A master tailor, she’s devoted her career to translating the heritage techniques of Bespoke tailoring to fit, flatter and offer supreme comfort for all women - at every size and stature. For some, this means convenience and selection, for others, finally being liberated from limited options and body image problems.

Offering only custom and choosing to produce locally in NYC were deliberate choices, reflecting her commitment to sustainability and supporting the local economy. Producing thoughtfully purchased garments one at a time, with high quality, long lasting fabrics and workmanship insures they have a long life and don’t end up in landfills. This eliminates environmental damage due to overproduction and waste at every stage of the apparel production cycle; which has an outsize impact on economically challenged women and children across the globe.

An in-demand public speaker on "Strategic Dressing", "Entrepreneurship", "Clothing and the Climate" (UN Conference on Women) and "Becoming Client Ready" for Companies, Summits (including Barron’s Top Advisors) Women's Networks, Harvard Bus School, Columbia Bus School, Fordham Law, Brooklyn Law, Baruch College

Dara serves on the board on the Custom Tailors and Designers Association, the oldest continuously operating trade association in the US, where she teaches the business course and well as numerous webinars.

Featured in The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Bloomberg, Departures, NY Magazine, Huffington Post, NY1, Marketplace, Gotham and many others