Darcy Eikenberg

Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author at Red Cape Revolution
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Innovative yet practical, creative yet structured, fun yet results-focused, Darcy strives to be known and remembered for one key result which is to help leaders get more life out of work. With a unique mix of perspectives, passions and practice as an ICF Credentialed Coach, Professional Speaker, Blogger and Author, she founded the Red Cape Revolution,

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  • Narrow down the choices. When we ask a generic question such as, “How can I support you?” the universe of potential answers is too wide. Instead, ask, “What are one or two things I can do to support you as you’re doing X?” This focuses others’ thoughts more quickly and gives them a smaller universe to select an answer from. Additionally, if they tell you what they need, then do it. Otherwise, you’re sending a message that your offer is just for show.

    6 January 2022
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