Daryl Jones

Senior Director at Cornerstone Advisors
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  • "Jones Makes Case for Mortgage Tech Upgrades"
    ...To compete, Jones said credit unions needed to achieve “future-ready originations” for borrowers. He described three models:
    * Managing models include having a dedicated team, a (mostly) paperless process, and a refined strategic growth plan; as well as a plan for monitoring basic volumes and efficiencies.
    * Leading models, which he said “separates high performers,” include specialized teams and roles (e.g., government, equities); a completely paperless option; efficiency coupled with performance metrics; and a defined marketing plan with new-market growth.
    * Innovating models feature robust automation; imbedded video tutorials for borrowers; multiple system administrators; and advanced performance and profitability metrics

    -ACUMA Pipeline, Winter 2020

    10 September 2020
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