Dave Marlon

Founder & President at Vegas Stronger
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Dave is the co-founder and chairman of Vegas Stronger, a Las Vegas non-profit committed to helping the most under-served in our community by addressing mental health, substance use disorders and getting back to a healthy productive life. The Vegas Stronger team joined CrossRoads in January of 2020 to help address the mismanagement of the company and bring back the operation from near bankruptcy.

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  • If somebody is concerned about something, let's shine light on it. I'm sure the folks over at NDN, they're legit, so I expect them to comply with any requests for data.

    20 May 2021
  • We all have to do our part to end this pandemic. And that includes helping to get those who can’t help themselves vaccinated. The more people we can vaccinate at CrossRoads, the less burden it puts on other health care sites, and we are able to more effectively help residents get back on their feet and plan for a life without substance abuse.

    20 May 2021