Dave Rietsema

Founder/CEO at Matchr.com
On the record

I'm a former VP-HR for a large multi-state company and both PHR and SHRM-CP certified with an MBA in HR management. I'm currently the CEO of Matchr.com, a company I founded in 2012. My passions include writing about HR topics and connecting HR professionals with the right HR software vendors.

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  • “It’s important to have clear expectations for proper workplace behavior that are communicated well to employees,” Rietsema counseled.

    “Any violations of the policy should be investigated immediately and impartially. It can be tempting to side with the bully if it's someone you know and are close to, but it’s important to thoroughly investigate and demonstrate that bad behavior is not acceptable from anyone, even those who are friendly with management.


    10 March 2022
  • "As a former VP-HR, I know how tough it is to balance workload. My secret to better balance was knowing what I could delegate to my staff. I focused on tasks involving HR strategy and overall operations while I let my employees take care of the day-to-day tasks like promotions, benefits questions, HRIS maintenance, etc."

    25 January 2022
  • "HR has this terrible reputation of being the department that disciplines and fires. However, there is so much more we do as HR practitioners than just firing people. I think HR needs to do a better job, maybe through videos or monthly newsletters at explaining what they do within the company–and how they support the company and its employees in reaching strategic goals. Taking a peek behind the curtain will most certainly lead to better PR for HR and hopefully allow employees to feel more comfortable approaching them with their concerns."

    25 January 2022
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