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Director of Integrated Digital & Social at Tunheim and 5 other companies
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David has more than 25 years of online marketing experience spanning all digital channels and a wide variety of industries and sectors. He can provide a quick-turn, copy and paste quote for reporters on a hard and fast deadline and has plenty of experience in broadcast interviews from both sides of the mic. David publishes and co-hosts the popular Beyond Social Media Show podcast.

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  • Plan a meeting beforehand with all the panelists, in person or via a conference call. "Review their online presence so you have some sense of their experience and expertise and then have a discussion with them about what they think are the topic's most important aspects," advised David Erickson, co-host of the Beyond Social Media Show podcast. "This will give you insight into what your panelists are excited about and allow you to form questions that tee-up the answers for them."
    - Six Tips on How to Lead a Successful Panel Discussion

    7 January 2022
  • "Experienced speakers still feel anxiety and nerves before getting on stage, but there are a couple thing you can remind yourself of before you start speaking."

    "First, you know your stuff. The reason you earned that stage is that you are a subject matter expert (SME). You're likely speaking about your work or your passion. Or you're presenting material you've studied. Sure, there might be a question, you can't answer, but that's okay. You don't have to have all the answers at the tip of your tongue. Do your prep work. Rehearse your talk. And know your stuff."
    - Digital Marketing Meets Public Speaking
    2-Minute Talk Tips

    7 January 2022
  • "People will follow you for business purposes based on the value you provide them as a source of professional information and insight, but when it comes to doing business with you, they want to know what kind of person you are as well," says David Erickson. "Sharing your personality and what you're like outside of your professional persona helps engender that trust."
    - 10 Ways Twitter Can Help (or Hurt) Your Business
    US News & World Report

    7 January 2022
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