David Strauss

Co-Founder & CTO at Pantheon
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David Strauss is the Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer at Pantheon. David has focused his career on these twin challenges: making content sites more scalable and secure—without complicating the developer experience. In the past, he served on the Drupal Advisory Board, the Drupal.org Infrastructure Team, the Fedora Server Working Group (which substantially shaped Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7), and as a maintainer for BCFG2 (a systems management tool popular in academic supercomputing).

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  • When you throw everyone to the winds of working from home, you can't control as much. You have to be able to identify who people are reliably, without relying on a building boundary or badge. I feel like this is going to decrease as a model in the industry because corporate IT systems are increasingly centered on cloud deployment and external datacenters.

    19 October 2021
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