David Whelan

CEO and Co-founder at Engage XR
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David is the Founder and CEO of VR Education Holdings PLC which aims to bring immersive technology to distance learning and transform how students learn globally. He has won many international awards for his work in virtual reality including a Timer Warner - Future of Storytelling Award, Vision Award and Viveport Award for his work on Apollo 11 VR and the Engage education platform. David has 14 years of software development experience with 7 of those years running his own web development studio.

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  • Our metaverse plans for Engage are very different to Meta's Horizons, Microsoft's AltSpace or Roblox. We are well positioned to become the enterprise solution for companies seeking to enter the metaverse to host meetings, events, product launches, and conduct training. We are already capturing this opportunity through our work with 3M, who is using our platform to build its own 'metaworld'. We look forward to fully launching our metaverse offering in the second half of this year.

    9 March 2022
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