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My name is Debbie and I am a virtual assistant and online office manager. I help those specifically in the landscape industry grow their business. Think of me as an OFFSHOOT of your business. Many in this industry aren’t big enough to employ a full-time office manager. That’s where I’ve found my niche. I can assist you with office help virtually and with my flexible hours make your job less hectic. My background in business, horticulture, customer service, and sales makes me a good fit. I love the details and I love making businesses like yours grow and be profitable! I bet you’re great at the visionary aspects for your business but sink knee deep in mud in the details. My mission is to help professionals in the landscape industry take control of their businesses. I am your “behind the scenes” support and backup. I can help in a way that impresses and builds confidence in your services as seen by your clients and in so doing produce more sales.

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  • I use fresh herbs in my meals every day for flavor and garnishing, and my baths at night for relaxing! Now, I’m looking forward to learning how to use my lavender to make a twist on my favorite Tom Collins cocktail for my next dinner party. In addition to new use cases for my herbs in the kitchen, they are also my first line of defense in the garden with my other plants to ward off pests. Bonus: they attract beneficial insects to the garden!

    17 May 2022
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