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Deidre’s background in real estate began as part of the blogging team for AOL. She later worked at Move Inc. within’s communications team and handled marketing and communications at top residential real estate brokerages. Real estate investing is a family tradition and she comes from a long line of landlords, renovators, and contractors currently invested from Massachusetts to California. She has an MFA in Writing from Spalding University.

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  • But I wanted to go through some of the good retail news because I think there is a lot of it. I saw recently the total retail rent collections hit 90.85% last month. That first-time since March 2020 that they've been over 90%. That has got to give some of the retail REITs a nice sigh of relief there. We are starting to see that really strong recovery and we're starting to see a lot of more interest in space in general. I would say it feels weird to look for silver linings in the pandemic. But I keep coming back to this idea that malls are getting more creative and I'm really finding it exciting because there's different direct-to-consumer brands that really built a follow-on on Instagram during the pandemic. Or there's more local pop-up stuff. There seems to be more innovation. People seem to be going back to the malls, not just for the usual traditional stores, but to have an experience. All of that experiential stuff that we were talking about before. The pandemic seems to be coming back.

    5 July 2021