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Demitri is the Chief Executive Officer at The Marijuana Industry Trade Association. He is a former Prosecutor and industry registered lobbyist who is part of the original vanguard of Arizona medical marijuana industry leaders. Dedicated to building a vibrant and successful market, Demitri has distinguished himself as a vested industry expert and influential trailblazer. With a strong understanding of both policy and operations on a local and international level, Demitri was instrumental in drafting Prop 205, Arizona’s 2016 legalization bill and currently serves as an advisor to the 2020 Arizona recreational initiative committee. He entered the industry as business development, regulatory compliance, and mergers and acquisitions specialist. He quickly grew this and his operational responsibilities into other roles to meet the growing needs of a developing market and industry. Demitri brings over a decade of law enforcement and government relations expertise to his marijuana policy work. He has an in-depth knowledge of the complex nuances shaping the emerging industry. He has also developed one of the most expansive networks of cannabis business professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry.

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  • If you look at this from a public policy perspective, it's a very dangerous precedent for all businesses. And they have picked on the weakest businesses out there, social equity business and license holders. They're condemning them to the remote, rural outskirt. It's absolutely insane. And the concept of pointing to other cities and other jurisdictions is also absurd because this is brand new.