Derek E. Brink, CISSP

Vice President & Research Fellow at Aberdeen Strategy & Research
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I help organizations to improve their security and compliance initiatives by researching, writing about and speaking about the people, processes and technologies that correspond most strongly with leading performance. I help solution providers to refine and communicate their value propositions and marketing messages to potential buyers by creating and leveraging fact-based content. I help individuals to improve their critical thinking, leadership skills and communication skills by teaching graduate courses in information assurance.

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  • It should come as no surprise that in today’s conflicts between nation-states, cybersecurity attacks play an increasingly strategic role. Mid-January attacks took down and co-opted the websites of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other agencies, and leading financial institutions -- adding cyber disruptions and distractions to the tensions along the physical borders that have continued to unfold to where we are today. Political leaders are usually cautious about the formal, public laying of blame (“attribution”) for cybersecurity attacks on a specific actor, given the technical challenges of definitive forensic investigations -- which creates even more opportunities for sowing chaos and confusion, ranging from “false flag” operations to actual attacks by opportunistic political activists. Cybersecurity attacks against government websites are one thing -- but it should also come as no surprise that potential attacks against critical infrastructure such as communications, financial services, energy, transportation, water, and food can escalate the chaos and confusion to a much higher level.

    23 February 2022
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