Didier Toubia

Co-founder and CEO at Aleph Farms
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Didier Toubia is the Co-founder and CEO at Aleph Farms. A trained Food Engineer and Biologist, Didier has founded several medical device companies and has co-invented over 40 patent families. Prior to Aleph Farms, he co-founded and led IceCure, which went public in 2010, and served as the CEO of NLT Spine, which was acquired by SeaSpine in 2016. He is also Co-founder of BlueTree and Yeap.

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  • Inherently as human beings, we tend to think in the framework of either/or. It’s important to recognize that choices are not necessarily exclusive. These critical and important challenges are impacting all of us—the challenges are inclusive, not exclusive—and so the solutions should be inclusive as well.

    3 December 2021
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