Domenica Personti

Interim CEO - Capital Region at Recovery Centers of America
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  • Can you share five pieces of advice that you would give to a person who is struggling with some sort of addiction but ashamed to speak about it or get help?

    Share your struggle with someone you trust. Your loved ones are probably aware that you are struggling but may not know why and they want to help. They want to walk alongside you through this journey. If this is not an option, find a nearby AA/NA meeting or church group. When you engage in those programs you will be met with compassion, connection and kinship — people who have walked through the fire and want to help you heal and find peace.

    Talk to your medical provider about what the best options are for you. There are medications available that are safe and effective for withdrawal and maintenance purposes. Never try to detox on your own — not only is it extremely uncomfortable but it can be dangerous.

    Don’t focus on what you think you will lose by going into treatment (job, car, apartment, etc.). If you continue down the current path, you will lose it all anyway. Short-term disability, FMLA and other resources can help you while you are in treatment. And there is support available if insurance status or ability to pay is an obstacle.

    Have faith and trust the process. It will be uncomfortable, but discomfort will bring about profound change. Believe that the universe is working in your favor even though it may not feel like it. Once the dark clouds clear, the lessons and gifts will be revealed. We don’t always get what we want but we always get what we need!

    Get a sponsor, recovery coach or peer support person. They are there to assist you whether you are sober (yet) or not. There is a myth that such supports are only for sober people. Individuals in recovery are always in service to others. We are constantly giving to others the beautiful gift of recovery that was so freely given to us.

    24 December 2021
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