Donteacia Seymore

Chief Inventor at Creation nation
On the record

Donteacia Seymore is an Inventor and the Founder & Chief Innovation Strategist of Creation Nation™. Creation Nation is an invention development firm with a global team of engineers, manufacturers, and lawyers that work with aspiring inventors to build their inventions and retain 100% ownership of their intellectual property. She has guided over 1,000 inventors from ideation to execution and has raised over $1MM for their products and services using her knowledge on how to build and scale product companies.

Donteacia built her very first invention just 7 years ago after identifying a specific need in the consumer product space. The company would go on to be valued at over $2MM and license its patent to a cycling company for wide-scale use. Today, Donteacia and her firm are on a mission to revolutionize the innovation industry by streamlining the invention process and making it more affordable for ANYONE to take part in.

Donteacia and Creation Nation have been working to dispel the myth that big tech is superior to the exciting new consumer products we encounter each day and are actively aiming to close the information gap for aspiring inventors through their ‘One in One Million’ campaign. The campaign is a movement committed to helping 1MM aspiring inventors & everyday innovators bring their products to life, and ultimately change the way we all move throughout the world.

Donteacia has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, & Thrive Global, among others.

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