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PhD, Pharma Domain expert at K Health at K Health and 1 other company
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Amichai Perlman is the Pharma Domain expert at K Health. Dr. Perlman has doctoral degrees in both Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacoepidemiology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He did his clinical training and worked for several years as a clinical consultant and researcher in the internal medicine department at the Hadassah University Medical Center. Aside from his work at K Health, Dr. Perlman continues to give visiting lectures at the university, as well as to collaborate on the design and analysis of medical research, most often focusing on medication safety.

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  • Unlike Google, which often pulls the worst-case scenario or the most broadly common condition, K Health is designed to be personalized for each user, pulling the most likely scenario, taking personal factors into consideration. K Health’s founders created the first and only AI-driven primary care solution that allows users to see how doctors diagnose and treat similar people with similar symptoms for free.

    16 June 2021
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  • K Health
    PhD, Pharma Domain expert at K Health
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    Lecturer - Continued Medical Education