Dr. Andrea Cullen

Co-founder at CAPSLOCK
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Dr. Andrea Cullen is one of three Co-founders at CAPSLOCK, an educational organisation that re-skills adults into cyber professionals online and with no up-front costs. Andrea has previously worked as a consultant and a senior academic, co-authoring, developing, and delivering GCHQ-certified cyber security degrees for the University of Bradford. She is a founder member and Director of the Cyber Security Interdisciplinary Centre (CSIC), and she has recently been granted full membership to the Chartered Institute of Information Security.

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  • “The more our cyber workforce reflects the diversity of our society, the better our cyber solutions will be.”

    3 December 2021
  • On misogyny in the workplace: “The change has to come from the top,” says Dr. Cullen. “As long as women don’t have an equal voice in these meetings, there won’t be adequate change to the status quo. By coming forward with our findings, we’re hoping to start a few important conversations around this subject. Hopefully, it will encourage people to think twice when addressing mixed-founder teams, and question whether unconscious biases might be causing them to assume the male co-founders are in charge.”

    3 December 2021