Dr. Arvind Ramadorai

Sr Director Digital Assisted Surgery (DAS), Surgical Robotics at Medtronic and 2 other companies
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Innovation leader for MedTech, Life Sciences and Healthcare for world's largest medical device company. Expert in developing organizational strategy and roadmap for implementation of data and analytics across product and service lines.

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  • “One that’s incredibly exciting for us is the application of smart technology, including artificial intelligence. Consumers use it every day in everything from phones to appliances to cars, and it should be baked into medical device design and functionality as well,” said Dr. Arvind Ramadorai, senior director of marketing, Surgical Robotics, Medtronic. “Like most of us, surgeons interact with smartphones and smart devices throughout their day, and they’ve come to appreciate the ease of use and connectivity. They should have that kind of experience and capability with medical devices used across the patient care pathway and especially within the operating room. At Medtronic, we are applying these trends holistically across our portfolio to put the tech in medtech and meaningfully address our healthcare partners’ evolving challenges.”

    AI's Patient Centered Approach to Medical Device Innovation, the Yuan, September 27, 2021

    30 September 2021
  • “In the future, we think surgical robotics and AI can help reduce some of the variability in surgery and help standardize procedures on a global scale. At the same time, we believe AI has the potential to fuel greater personalization of care, which is important because every patient is unique. We are already seeing this personalization trend play out in pharma and cancer treatment where the use of genetic code helps tailor patient treatments."

    AI's Patient-Centered Approach to Medical Device Innovation Innovation, The Yuan, September 27, 2021

    30 September 2021
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