Dr. Bill Dischinger, DMD  

Orthodontist/Owner at www.Dischingerteam.com
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Dr. Bill Dischinger began his orthodontic career in 1999, joining his father’s practice. They worked side by side until 2015 when Dr. Terry Dischinger retired from active practice. Working together was the fulfillment of a life long dream for both Dr. Bill and Dr. Terry. They learned and perfected their art of orthodontics together and this only strengthened their bond as father and son. Dr. Bill would love it if one of his four boys decided to pursue the same career some day.

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  • This enhances the product's appeal to the patient. You already have the best-performing plastic, clearest plastic, most stain-resistant plastic, and more comfortable edges on the market. Now, Ormco has enhanced the attachment comfort; you have the whole package.

    24 June 2021
  • My practice has been impressed with the results we are achieving for our patients with Spark Aligners. The TruGEN material from which the aligners are made delivers better surface contact providing faster and more reliable tooth movements. With Spark Aligners, we're seeing stronger and more predictable outcomes than we've achieved with other aligners, so the expanded indication of usage is great news for my younger patients who lead busy lifestyles filled with sports, music and other activities. My entire team and our patients are thrilled with the efficient, reliable treatment experience that Spark Aligners deliver.

    24 June 2021
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