Dr. Cynthia Zelis

Chief Medical Officer at MDLIVE
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Cynthia is an experienced Physician Executive with demonstrated success in health care with complex health systems, physicians, hospitals, and information technology. She is a Primary Care Physician with strong compliment of clinical expertise and health care operations focusing on the transformation of health care to the ambulatory and virtual space. Her skills and interests include collaborative leadership, telehealth, change management, physician relations, data analytics, and innovation.

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  • The sick day experience, meant to enable workers to set aside their worries to focus on rest and recovery from illness, has for many people morphed into full-blown stress and anxiety due to the changing dynamics and blurred lines between work, home and family. We undertook this research to gain a better understanding of what stressors people deal with when having to take a sick day, and how we can help alleviate those stressors by improving access to care that is quick, convenient, cost-effective and contagion-free.

    24 May 2021
  • Consumers have shifted to a pragmatic planning mindset when it comes to traveling and health. Health is no longer an afterthought, but has moved to the front seat of the planning process, perhaps for good.

    24 May 2021
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    Chief Medical Officer