Dr. Hans Boateng

Investing Educator & Expert at The Investing Tutor
On the record

Dr. Hans, “The Investing Tutor”, is an Investment Educator & Expert whose mission is to increase access and investment literacy in order to build generational wealth for those demographics that are often overlooked in the investing space.

Dr. Hans emigrated from his native Ghana to NYC over a decade ago and eventually went on to earn his MBA as well as a Doctor of Pharmacy. He recognized the lack of investment literacy in immigrant & minority households, and so began his desire to leave a better financial legacy for his family that ultimately led him down a path of investing and generational wealth building. Dr. Hans discovered how rich families built their fortune using the stock market, and decided to teach himself by reading 400 books, 40,000 financial articles and spending 11 years pursuing mastery. Dr. Hans now teaches his proven strategies to investors of all levels.

During the pandemic, Dr. Hans took a portfolio he started with $5k and grew it to over six figures in less than 10 months. Through his teachings, he has placed many families on the path to generational wealth. He is the most trusted investment tutor in the country.

Website: https://www.theinvestingtutor.com/

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