Dr. Helen Egger

Child Psychiatrist and Co-Founder and Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Little Otter
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Officially named to the 2022 Forbes 50 Over 50 Entrepreneurs, Dr. Egger is a renowned child psychiatrist, research scientist, academic leader and mother of four. After 30+ years in academic medicine, she co-founded children's mental health platform Little Otter with her daughter, Rebecca Egger, to transform families’ accessibility to high-quality mental health care. Little Otter is the nation’s 1st fully digital mental health platform that provides integrated and results-driven mental health care for parents, families, and children 0-14. Little Otter’s care model and measurement is based on and continually guided by Dr. Egger’s clinical, scientific, and operational expertise in evidence-based, high-quality pediatric mental health. Over 700 children/parents completed the Little Otter assessment, and she will continue to publish the findings in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Egger’s CV details 70+ peer-reviewed scientific papers. She is also co-author of Zero To Three’s Diagnostic Classification: 0-5, the psychiatric classification for mental health disorders in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Prior to Little Otter, Dr. Egger was Chair at NYU Langone Health (NYULH), the Arnold Simons Professor, and Director of the NYU Langone Child Study Center. As Chair, she led the department’s large, multi-site, private and public system of clinical care staffed by 145 providers. At NYULH, Dr. Egger founded and led the WonderLab, a digital child mental health research lab. Before NYULH, Dr. Egger was tenured faculty at Duke Health, where she founded the Early Childhood Mental Health Lab. She created the first interview to assess preschool mental health and seminal NIMH-funded longitudinal studies, shaping toddler/preschool mental health’s science and clinical practice. As Vice-Chair and Chief of her division, she led a transformation of clinical care called Duke Integrated Pediatric Mental Health. She has been principal investigator on numerous NIMH research grants.

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    10 July 2022
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    Child Psychiatrist and Co-Founder and Chief Medical and Scientific Officer