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Dr. Tawakol is an experienced physician with multiple board certifications including Internal Medicine, Nephrology, and Hypertension as well as Interventional Nephrology. He has also been trained in Vascular Access Surgery and is currently one of only a few physicians in the United States to be certified in the complete spectrum of dialysis access-related care. He has extensive experience, in excess of 10,000 cases across multiple procedures, has published numerous medical research articles, and has presented at several national and international meetings.

Dr. Tawakol received his medical degree from the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany in 1997. After working in Spain as well as the United Kingdom, he completed his residency in Internal Medicine at New York University Medical Center in June 2002, his fellowships in Nephrology and Hypertension in 2003, and Interventional Nephrology in 2004 at the University of Miami, FL. He then underwent Microscopic Vascular Surgery Training in Paris, France. Dr. Tawakol held the position of the Training Program Director at the Southwest Kidney Institute in Phoenix, Arizona from 2005 until 2009.

Dr. Tawakol is a founding member and CEO of Plessen Healthcare, LLC along with his wife Dr. Tasnim Khan, Chief Medical Officer. Plessen Healthcare was founded in 2015 on the fundamental beliefs that world-class health care should be accessible to everyone and that the work-place should be a joyful and fulfilling practice for their entire team. Plessen Healthcare is located on the island of St Croix in the US Virgin Islands and is comprised of the Plessen Medical Center in Orange Grove and the Plessen Urgent Care in Sunny Isles which opened in September 2020. In 2021, Plessen opened a dedicated COVID-19 vaccine center on St Croix.

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