Dr. Jeremy Warner

Plastic Surgeon and founder at Warner Institute
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Dr. Jeremy Warner is the founder and President of the Warner Institute. His vision was to create an organization that stands for the field’s highest values. Each part of the Warner Institute comes together to connect these values of Surgical Excellence, Education & Mentorship and Global Service Outreach. Each foundational element of the institute gives back to the other and forms the heart of the organization around the highest industry and human standards. Our mission is to provide our patients with the best results and care available anywhere in the world. Give to the future surgeons of the field with education and hands on experience and leave it better than we received it. And contribute to people around the globe that aren’t fortunate enough to have easy access to world class surgical teams. Dr. Warner is the Fellowship Director for the Warner Institute and provides comprehensive care in all areas of plastic surgery, specializing in facial plastic surgery procedures. He serves as President of the Warner Institute, Director and Founder of the Chicago Rhinoplasty Symposium, serves as Mission Director of the Nepal Surgical and Medical Mission under the Face the Future Foundation.

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  • After developing the SWIFT Lift for face lifts, I saw that the innovative technique of local anesthesia was incredibly popular with my clients, and I wanted to apply it to other areas of the body. Producing amazing results without the pain and recovery time that comes with traditional hospital procedures, we have been able to revolutionize abdominal contouring. What was once a major surgery is now more accessible than ever.

    2 May 2022
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