Dr. Jo Webber

CEO/Founder at POD.io
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After earning her PhD in quantum physics from Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, England in 1988, when women made up only 14% of the STEM workforce (source), Dr. Webber attended a quantum physics conference at Oxford University where she was just one of two women in attendance – the other woman was the secretary of a man also in attendance. Refusing to allow statistics to define her, Dr. Webber held the title of CEO at 4 successful businesses including: InnaPhase Corpration, a software solution provider to pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets, Energy Solutions International, a software technology for the energy sector, Virtual Piggy, a fintech company coined the “PayPal for kids” by Forbes in 2012, and Spirion, a cybersecurity company. Her latest venture is Pod, a networking app designed to introduce people online but connect them in-person.

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  • While most of the world is more tethered to the computer and cellphone than ever, this is a great time to do it and it will help some businesses save themselves.

    6 May 2020
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