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After earning her Ph.D. in quantum physics from Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, England in 1988, when women made up only 14% of the STEM workforce (source), Dr. Webber attended a quantum physics conference at Oxford University where she was just one of two women in attendance – the other woman was the secretary of a man also in attendance. Refusing to allow statistics to define her, Dr. Webber held the title of CEO at 4 successful businesses including InnaPhase Corporation, a software solution provider to pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets, Energy Solutions International, a software technology for the energy sector, Virtual Piggy, a fintech company coined the “PayPal for kids” by Forbes in 2012, and Spirion, a cybersecurity company. Her latest venture is Pod, a networking app designed to introduce people online but connect them in-person. Pod recently acquired Million Women Mentors and STEMConnector.

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  • “With 69% of the US GDP and $2.7 trillion in annual federal revenue supported by STEM, STEMconnector’s network and services are essential for employers needing to attract and connect with STEM talent in the US and internationally,” said Dr. Jo Webber, FRSC, CEO of Pod Network and STEMconnector. “The Pod app is a globally available platform that will help us drive equity in STEM by providing access to STEM news and opportunities to millions of STEM professionals and students in the US and around the world.”

    10 March 2021
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