Dr. Rosenberg is widely published and has more than 10 years of diverse R&D experience in start-up, industry and academic settings. He has expertise in industrial biotechnology, bioprocessing, genetic engineering, biosecurity, and biofuels His research has predominantly focused on novel biomanufacturing strategies using microalgae to produce therapeutic biologics, nutraceuticals, and commodity biochemicals.

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  • A pause is not necessarily a cause for concern, says Julian Rosenberg, Ph.D., assistant director for the Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training. In fact, it can be expected. “Currently, the pace of vaccine development against SARS-CoV-2 is occurring at an accelerated rate with the added pressure of intense global attention,” he tells Verywell. “Pauses in clinical trials simply demonstrate that our rigorous regulatory system is working.”

    11 December 2020