Dr. Katherine Zagone

Medical Director & Sexual Wellness Expert at Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine
On the record

Dr. Katherine Zagone, ND, brings her passion as a healer and leader to her role as Medical Director of Gentera’s Southern California, West Valley location. Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Katherine Zagone, develops personalized treatment plans for each patient at Gentera, assessing medical history, physical examinations, symptoms, and laboratory analysis. She applies her expertise by viewing each patient as a complex individual, examining a myriad of systems and biomarkers to uncover root causes and restore optimal health.

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  • If you are at home with a partner (such as a spouse) in the same home, it's completely safe – have fun, enjoy yourself, it's time to get creative. The research on sex shows it can improve the innate immune system, which is the first defense against a virus. That pretty much puts the kibosh on sexual intimacy with relative strangers. "If you're close enough to have sexual contact, you're close enough to have aerosol exposure. You have to weigh the risks. Have they followed the guidelines? Have they had close contact with others in the last six weeks This is a short blip in the history of humanity, so it's worth it to play it on the safe side.

    30 June 2021
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