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Dr. Kristin Dean is a Family Practice Physician who received her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida in Nutritional Sciences. She continued her loyalty to the ‘Gator Nation’ and completed her medical school education at the University of Florida College of Medicine in 2010. Dr. Dean moved to Los Angeles to complete her training in Family Medicine at Kaiser Permanente. She considers healthcare to be a team approach, with the patient being the captain of the healthcare team. Although she believes a healthy lifestyle is the starting point for all healthcare plans, she uses medicine, empathy and education to continue to improve her patients’ health.

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  • The cold virus has been seen to last on surfaces for up to 28 days in some studies. But that doesn’t mean it can make you sick that whole time. The flu virus has been shown to be capable of causing infection for up to eight hours on hard surfaces such as a phone.

    11 August 2021
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    11 August 2021
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