Dr. Lisa Stern

MD - Practicing Pediatrician & Senior Partner at Tenth Street Pediatrics
On the record

Lisa's journey meandered from NYC to Children's Hospital LA where she arrived in 1988 with 2 suitcases and a rarely used driver’s license. Those years on the wards and in the clinics at CHLA re-enforced the decision that pediatrics was for me. She continued my move west for a one-year fellowship at UCLA in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology before joining Dr Harvey Karp in the little house on Pier Avenue in Santa Monica. A few years later we merged with the prestigious Tenth Street Pediatrics.

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  • There is research showing that gut health during a woman’s pregnancy affects a baby’s microbiome. A healthier mom sets up her baby with better gut diversity during the first few months. To further improve on that, parents can give a high-quality probiotic. I especially love that Jettie is updated seasonally with diverse strains. Before our food was grown and shipped around the world, locally produced foods dictated our diets; people ate what was local and in season and those foods had different bacteria on them. Seasonal probiotics can benefit everyone.

    20 February 2021
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