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Dr. Kara has 30+ years of experience with patients. After spending the early part of his career treating patients at The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Kara spent the last several years focusing his work on functional medicine and natural remedies to help people live healthier lives. In 2018 he created KaraMD, a line of supplements focused on digestive support, heart health and reducing inflammation as the gateway to overall health.

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  • Rhubarb is a whole plant used in many popular dessert and jam recipes, but its benefits for calcium consumption are not as known. This food contains high amounts of calcium as well as fiber and other vitamins and minerals. One cup of rhubarb contains 105mg of calcium and recent studies have found that rhubarb can help with inflammation, immunity, and gut health. Of course, the most delicious way to eat rhubarb is in a fresh pie or a homemade tart, but other ways that I suggest preparing that includes less sugar is roasted with a little bit of seasoning or pureed in a smoothie with other fruits and vegetables.

    15 July 2021
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