Dr. Oren Gottfried

Clinical Vice Chair at Duke University
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Dr. Gottfried is the Clinical Vice Chairman at Duke University. He specializes in the surgical management of all complex cervical, thoracic, lumbar, or sacral spinal diseases by using minimally invasive as well as standard approaches for arthritis or degenerative disease, deformity, tumors, and trauma. Dr. Gottfried has a special interest in the treatment of thoracolumbar deformities, occipital-cervical problems, and in helping patients with complex spinal issues from previously unsuccessful surgery or recurrent disease.

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  • To better assess a potential relationship between environmental exposure and developing these assortment of brain tumors including benign and malignant ones, I would recommend any of the 100 [plus] individuals who underwent resection have the molecular changes or genetics of the tumor assessed. There are known molecular and genetic abnormalities associated with many types of brain tumors, so it would be important to see if there are common molecular changes across these specific individuals. It is a bit difficult to group together different types of tumors and it would be important to assess the incidence of each tumor type in the general population versus the incidence specifically in people who attended the school over time.

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