Dr. Ronald Stolberg

Assistant Professor, California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University and 1 other company
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Dr. Stolberg is an associate professor at Alliant International University where he teaches a variety of advanced personality assessment courses. Recently, his research interests include addictions, assessment in diverse settings, standard of care practices, and social networking in psychology. In his private practice Dr. Stolberg has worked with high caliber professional athletes from a wide variety of sports and on reality TV shows such as Survivor. As a family therapist he specializes in working with children and families that are struggling both at home and at school.

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  • Parents shouldn’t be overly concerned about test scores, grades and missing assignments. The well-being of our children is more important than grades right now.

    27 October 2021
  • A young, female, international superstar being bullied by the four major events in her sport because of a mental health condition has awful optics for the tennis tour and sport in general. This incident highlights the pressure placed on athletes to participate in press conferences right after competing in their sport.

    27 October 2021
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  • Alliant International University
    Assistant Professor, California School of Professional Psychology
    started Sep 2005
  • Self-Employed
    Psychotherapist In Private Practice
    started May 2002