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Executive Medical Director at Medi-Weightloss
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Gretchen San Miguel, MD is a board certified primary care physician with over 10 years of experience. She is the Medical Director for Medi-Weightloss Corporate. She has practiced in a variety of settings, including primary, geriatric, and fast-paced urgent care. Her core competencies include diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disease, time management, communication, and practice operations. She has a passionate commitment to first-rate patient care and is a proactive and organized physician. Dr. San Miguel is extremely passionate about Preventive Medicine and the impact weight has on overall health and well-being. She is dedicated to improving her patients' quality of life.

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  • All forms of cow’s milk will contain a natural growth hormone. However some contain a synthetic growth hormone known as rgGH or rbST. ... This has been potentially linked to increased risk of several conditions, including antibiotic resistance.

    23 June 2021
  • Unfortunately, when these meats are preserved, nitrates are added, which generates compounds that can lead to cancer. Many people wanted to follow a ketogenic diet and turn to cheeses as a low-carb alternative not realize that cheese (like processed meats) is very high in calories, unhealthy saturated fats, processed oils and may also have hormonal additives. Consuming too much can lead to high cholesterol, excess calories and impact overall health.

    23 June 2021
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